Bertram Fuller was born to Sharon Giles and Flozell Fuller on March 7,1978, although he was raised in Naples Florida with his grandmother Bertha Giles.

He spent most of his adolescent years in Naples where he also graduated from high school at Naples High.

Bertram began singing as a young man in church, and gradually grew to be well known for his talent. People began to request his presence to do solos in their weddings and the funerals of their loved ones home going. Sometimes even when he didn’t want to his grandmother was there to get him back to work. His grandmother pushed him like no other because she saw in him the talented, great man that he could be before he realized what he had inside of himself. Throughout his life as she pushed him to use his god given talent and share it with the world she has became one of his most trusted mentors.

Bertram has one more mentor that he loves greatly, his sister the late Lateasha Giles-Perry. An though she is no longer here to share her wisdom through her words she will always be with him. She left behind three children. Kelyn, Kemarr, and Keanna which are his biggest inspiration.

Bertram wants the world to know that he is a simple man with one goal that he is determined to accomplish in this lifetime. ” I just want to be successful to provide for my family and my loved ones. God gave me this gift now I’m going to use it!” And that is just what he is doing blessing the world with the blessing that was bestowed upon him at a young age.

Bertram decided to team up with (Producer) IronSamurai of HardHead Ent and (Song Writer) Ernest Harris Owner of Gifted Soul Entertainment (GSE) in 20__. Together they have accomplished Bertram’s first R&B album “FUTURE”. To be released Sep/23/2014. What a awesome accomplishment it is! The first of many more to come.

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