Visit Dee Rockid’s Site Dee Rockid brings you the latest album: DeeologyMore about Dee Rockid from his web site:My name is Savaughn Wright known in the music industry as Dee Rockid. I was born in Goergia on February 12, 1993. I lived with my grandma until the age of 10 afterwards I moved to Jacksonville, Fl with my mom. I started writing secular songs at the age 13 but it wasn’t until I heard a Christian artist by the name of Jadee The Rapper when I was introduce to Christian music. After accepting Christ, His Music and His Purpose has become more clearer.In 2012 I was signed by Gifted Souls Entertainment. In 2013 my first CD was released “Deeology” and also released my Mixtape “Deescovery”. Dee Rockid has performed at the Soulboxx Cafe in Jacksonville,Fl and C-Room in Atlanta, Ga just to name a few places. During one of his interviews, Dee Rockid says “He loves music and want to inspire others”. The entire cd is below just hit right arrow to jump from songs 1-11 purchase the songs you like or entire cd

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Dee RocKid – Deeology (Album)

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